Bozkurt, O. & Esen, S. 2014

The Impact of Exporter Small-Business Enterprise Factors on their own Export Performance and Costs

Bottlenecks: lack of information on foreign markets and connections; complexity of documentation in export; uncertainties in entering into new markets.


Bharti, A. 2014

Examining market challenges pertaining to cold chain in the frozen food industry in Indian retail sector


Frozen food

Few challenges: Lack of an integrated approach and efforts for effective policy formulation; viability of cold chain facilities; existing facilities are outdated and poorly maintained; low awareness and demand for Cold Chain services; lack of availability of technically qualified people to support efficient operations.


Kuppusamy, J. & Anantharaman, R. 2014

A critical review of barriers to export business




Barriers are classified into internal (knowledge, finance, human resource, marketing, market research, benefits, risks and cost) and external (payment, competition, political and economic condition, customers, currency risk, political and economic risk).


Timothy, P. 2008

Examining SME Internationalization Motives as an Extension of Competitive Strategy


Firms pursuing internationalization proactively are mainly influenced by favorable perceptions of their environment and their current performance. SMEs using a differentiation strategy based on unique marketing skills in conjunction with these circumstantial influences were more likely to pursue internationalization proactively.


Karelakis, C., Mattas, K. & Chryssochoidis, G. 2008

Export problems perceptions and clustering of Greek wine firms


Three clearly distinct clusters were formed. The results indicate that export problems are likely to occur in firms that are more passive in terms of export activities than in firms that adopt active and competitive export postures.


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Prihandoko, Tintri, D. &

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Problems faced by small and medium business in exporting products



SME exporters

The export problems are: competition, long duration of export document process, product quality, export barrier from country destinations, low capability in high production, delay in transportation, communication barrier, government agencies that presume become barrier, lack of international market knowledge, barrier of entering international market, export administrative procedures, inefficient production cost, unofficial fee in export documents processing, incapable to supply product in time, lack of knowledge in transaction method, limitation of destination country, time limitation in cargo, and delay of shipping.