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Export marketing strategy implementation, export marketing capabilities, and export venture performance

Effective implementation of planned export marketing strategy contributes to export market and financial performance, and that marketing capabilities play an important role in enabling effective marketing strategy implementation in export venture operations.


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Export performance as an antecedent of export commitment and marketing strategy adaptation: Evidence from small and medium-sized exporters


SME Exporters

Marketing strategy adaptation to the foreign market is particularly noted in firms exporting to the most developed markets, rather than in firms exporting to the most competitive environments.


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The effect of export marketing capabilities on export performance: an investigation of Chinese exporters



Support to the RBV view in the export marketing context and shed light on factors that affect Chinese exporters’ performance.


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Barriers to Agricultural Exports from Developing Countries: The Role of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Requirements

Developing countries


SPS measures are a major factor influencing the ability of developing countries to exploit export opportunities for agricultural and food products in developed country markets; To a large extent this rejects poor access to compliance resources, including scientific and technical expertise, information and finance. The incompatibility of SPS requirements and production and/or marketing methods in developing countries is also a major factor affecting access to developed country markets.


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International marketing in India: prospects and challenges


International marketing

Low marketing education. Presences foe foreign products and low patronage for non-essential products, high cost of production, inadequate infrastructures. Few competitive opportunities, excessive government regulations and interference, Political instability and civil unrest. There are prospects for improvement in the nearest future based on the high growing Population of most development countries. Attractive government incentives, growing affluences to mention but a few.