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Tesfom, G. & Lutz , C. 2006

A classification of export marketing problems of small & medium sized manufacturing firms in developing countries

Exploratory/ Literature

Developing countries

Small & med. manufacturing firms

The export problems are classified into company barriers, product barriers, industry barriers, export market barriers and macro environment barriers.


Martinez, M. & Poole, N. 2004

The development of private fresh produce safety standards: implications for developing Mediterranean exporting countries

Developing Mediterranean exporting countries

The major challenges faced by developing countries as; meeting requirements associated with the implementation of high level sanitary or phytosanitary measures, standards and conformity tests, the lack and high cost of information, and the resulting consequences for public health are the fundamental justifications for public intervention to improve food safety, market barriers within advanced economies to agricultural import.


Cass, A. & Julian, C.C. 2003

Examining firm and environmental influences on export marketing mix strategy and export performance of Australian exporters

empirical investigation of firms


Exporting firms

Firm characteristics and environmental characteristics impact significantly on both overall performance and marketing mix strategy adaptation by exporting firms. The findings indicate that a strategic approach must match the capability of both the firm and its environment.


Unnevehr, L.J. 2000

Food safety issues and fresh food product exports from LDCs


LDC exporters must learn to supply safe products and to defend their interest in transparent, equivalent standards.


Julian, C.C. 2003

Export marketing performance: a study of Thailand firms



Small & medium Export firms

Competition, commitment, export market characteristics and product characteristics are the statistically significant predictors of export marketing performance for Thai export firms.


Ahmed, Z., Julian, C., Baalbaki, I., & Hadidian, T. 2004

Export Barriers and Firm Internationalization: A Study of Lebanese Entrepreneurs



Manufacturing firms

Most manufacturers perceive lack of government assistance, competition from firms in foreign markets, the need to modify pricing and promotion policies, high foreign tariffs in export markets, and the lack of capital to finance expansion into foreign markets as the major barriers to export.


Tesfom, G., Lutz, C. & Ghauri, P. 2004.

Comparing export marketing channels: developed versus developing countries

Exploratory/ model

Netherlands, Uganda & Eritrea

Lack of knowledge to locate foreign market opportunities, lack of specific information on agents & distributers, lack of experience in planning & executing exports, lack of management exposure to other cultures & methods of doing business, lack of personnel trained & qualified in export marketing, inability to self-finance exports, lack of export market research & information.