1. Can you use a mobile phone?

2. Can you use the ATM?

3. Can you operate a video recorder such as a Blu-ray recorder or DVD player?

4. Can you send an e-mail using a mobile phone or computer?

5. Are you interested in news and events from overseas?

6. Can you determine the credibility of health-related information?

7. Do you enjoy art, films, or music?

8. Do you watch educational/cultural programs?

9. Do you follow any measures to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crimes?

10. Do you try to be creative while doing daily tasks (i.e., cleaning, cooking)?

11. Can you take care of an ill person?

12. Do you take care of your grandchildren, family members, or acquaintances?

13. Do you participate in regional festivals or events?

14. Do you participate in a neighborhood association or a residents’ association?

15. Would you be able to assume a managerial position such as an organizer in a residents’ association or group activities?

16. Do you engage in charity or volunteer activities?