Assessment items

1. Assessment on overdose intake

□Recovery process

Concrete Nursing Care

2. In the case that the patient is dehydrated due to insufficient intake of water, heart rate will increase and heart failure may worsen.

3) Management after discharge

□ If weight loss is seen rather than the proper body weight, increase the water intake, let the patient see the patient at an earlier stage

3. The patient’s water intake may be excessive and heart failure may get worse.

1) Fulfillment of needs within the treatment range

□ The nurse uses a sensor mat or a call mat which sounds when the patient steps on it.

4. As patients increase their cardiac output due to malnutrition and progression of anemia, heart failure deteriorates.

□ Increasing the intake of drinks in patients with anorexia increases the dietary intake

5. Patient’s salt management may not be properly performed, and heart failure may worsen.

1) Improvement of environment for compliance

□ Nurses perform risk management using sensor mats to prevent the patient from stealing others’ meals.

□・In the case that there are patients who are forbidden to eat for their treatment, they should be in the room same as other disabled patients’.

2) Disease management at home

□ For facilities and home care services where it is difficult to provide reduced salt diet, ask the patient to halve the amount of meal intake.

6. Overactive patients suffer from excessive heart load. Furthermore, patients with low activity have a risk of heart failure that worsens due to fatigue and dyspnea at the time of exertion.

6) Disease management at home

□ The patient’s exercise amount is measured with a pedometer and the nurse confirms the implementation status at the time of patient’s visit to the hospital.