Nurses certified in chronic heart failure nursing

In the acute phase of initial hospitalization, the nurse monitors the patient using medical equipment, so it is unnecessary todeal in the difficulty in catching deterioration symptoms as a problem. It is necessary to take it as a problem for patients in recovery process.

Patients with impaired cognitive function in the recovery process themselves do not appeal, so nurses need to assess worsening signs.

Nurses are less likely to catch symptoms that are worsening in patients with dementia.

In home care, it is important for families and people around the patient to discover the symptoms of the patient at an early stage.

Nurses certified in dementia nursing

In discharge guidance, nurses need to explain how to monitor the symptoms of deteriorating heart failure to patients and their families in an easy-to-understand manner.

Nurses are less likely to capture the symptoms of deteriorating heart failure in patients with impaired cognitive function, but also in those without dementia.