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Serious life events

Childhood life events

Adult life events

Statements about been sexual abused how they as a child grow up in dysfunctional families and violent environment.

Statements about suffering from severe disease were abused or experienced serious betrayals.

Negative affectivity



Statements about a negative attitude towards relatives, friends, co-workers and people in general.

Statements about to always think the worst of people, and become agitated over their behaviors.



Lack of reliance

Statements about experience of severe betrayal in their childhood or/and as adults.

Statements about the difficulty to share their thoughts and problems with others.

Being a good girl



Statements about that the women had the responsibility both for the home and the family while also holding down a full-time job.

Statements about how the women never prioritized their own needs completed or did not care about those at all.

Lack of control

Victim of circumstances


Statements about things just happened and they often did not see their potential to change or take control over conditions in life.

Statements about dreams and goals with their lives, but they often failed to achieve them.