WL 988F

Wheel Loader

Max. Bucket Capacity: 7.7 m3; Total Hydraulic Cycle Time (Cycle Decomposition: Raise, Dump, Lower Float Down (Empty)): 15.6 seconds

WL 990K

Wheel Loader

Bucket capacity: 7.4 - 14.9 m3; Total Hydraulic Cycle Time: 13.8 Seconds

Caterpillar 5130B

Bucket capacity (Front Shovel): 9.0 to 11.0 m3

Available in Front Shovel and Backhoe configuration, primarily matched to the Caterpillar 777D truck, but can also be teamed with the 773D or 775D and other trucks in the 65 to 100 ton size class. This leads to efficient loading and hauling systems for mining, quarrying and heavy construction applications

Liebherr 994

Hydraulic excavator; Bucket Capacity: 11 - 20 m3

PC 1100

Komatsu Hydraulic excavator; Bucket Capacity: 3.4 - 5.0 m3

PC 1800

Komatsu Hydraulic excavator; Bucket Capacity: 5.9 - 12 m3