xx 20

Business continuity plan(BCP)

Implement BCP; document and test regularly the BCP; no insurance that operations ever be restored to their present state in case of disaster.

xxi 21

Capacity planning

Predict and estimate the demand for information resources.

xxii 22

Data backup process

The frequency of backup; labelling; retention period; the frequency of backup rotation.

xxiii 23

Disaster recovery plan

Document; specify procedures to be followed in case of anevent of a disaster.

xxiv 24

Fault tolerance

Implement hardware and software redundancy; software recovery.

xxv 25

Incident management and response

Implement incident handling procedures;

Functional incident response team and proper reporting.

xxvi 26

Monitoring of wired(LAN/WAN) and wireless networks

Continuously monitor of LAN/WAN and wireless networks for unauthorized access.

xxvii 27

Preventive maintenance

Regularly patching, updating antiviruses’ anti-malwares, Operating systems.

xxviii 28

Protecting critical hardware and wiring from threats

Implement preventative measures to protect critical hardware and wiring from natural and man-made threats.

xxix 29

System monitoring mechanisms

Implement systems monitoring mechanisms.

xxx 30

Testing of the restore procedures

Test the restore procedures regularly.