・ Bamboo is readily available in Ghana

・ Lack of knowledge in bamboo detailing

・ Bamboo is durable and easy to use in its natural state with less processes to go through

・ It is difficult to control the quality of bamboo because of its different species

・ It is Easy to obtain bamboo in any quantity for temporary uses

・ Highly susceptible to fire if not treated to be fire proof

・ Using bamboo for temporary areas in building construction requires low technical know how

・ Untreated bamboo is prone to fungi and insect attacks

・ Bamboo does not break easily

・ Irregular shape of bamboo culms makes it difficult to work with as compared to timber

・ Bamboo is very beautiful in its appearance



・ Bamboo has multiple uses in building construction

・ Bamboo faces competition from other building materials

・ Shortage and high cost of timber makes bamboo a promising material to be considered in building construction

・ Bamboo is considered as a material for the poor

・ Contractors and architects are ready to embrace bamboo as a popular building material in building construction

・ There is insufficient cooperation from government to support bamboo in building construction

・ There are inadequate bamboo processing techniques

・ There is limited knowledge of bamboo and lack of expertise in building construction

・ There is lack of knowledge in bamboo detailing in Ghana