Birmingham City University

Open industry practice and background, global business management, leadership development, research and professional skills, project management, global fashion and branding.

Sheffield University

Courses in Accounting and Financial Management, Introduction to Creative Culture Industry, Critical Theory of Creative and Cultural Industries, and Conceptual Culture Marketing.

Heriot-Watt University

Courses on fashion management, design background, design projects, design techniques and innovation, brand management, research methods, raw material testing and exploration, and consumer motivation.

Robert Gordon University

Open management and marketing subjects, fashion design concepts, fashion construction, fashion retail and how fashion business operations, advertising communications, public relations, consumer behavior and logistics global, brand management, financial marketing, ethics and event management theory, Subjects such as fashion buying and global fashion strategies.

Huddersfield University

Open fashion background research, fashion professional development, creative fashion industry, fashion practice, fashion creative research, fashion futures, fashion identity, fashion creativity research and other courses.

New York Fashion Institute

Conducting fashion business management, fashion marketing, sales management, fashion forecasting for apparel retailers, fashion inventory management, sustainable fashion sales, retail fashion sales, fashion planning and distribution, global marketing, computer-aided product development, corporate social responsibility A series of lectures around fashion management.

Savannah University

Introducing fashion accessories design, fashion design introduction, digital presentation technology, fashion consumption, planning and control, retail purchase simulation, and perfume marketing and management courses.

Maranoni Fashion Design Institute

Open marketing communication channels, digital marketing and new media, business and management principles in fashion, fashion public relations, promotion and advertising, fashion buying and selling, visual display and merchandising.