Curriculum structure


Southampton University

Fashion management courses include consumer behavior, creative brand building and development, trend forecasting, supply chain management, product sourcing and development, integrated marketing communications, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and digital culture.

Manchester University

Through the core elements of fashion introduction, management introduction, marketing and retail introduction, design management, etc., the basic knowledge of clothing business, textile science and technology is established, and the textile, core, textile and textile production process is introduced to students through the core unit of textile science.

London College of Fashion

Open fashion management, business principles, marketing principles, product management, financial management, personnel management, fashion futures, consumer insight, strategic management and other courses.

Nottingham Trent University

Opening fashion and textile products, fashion management and marketing, design and visual merchandising, fashion sourcing and sales, management and employment, fashion marketing and communications, product technology, leadership and change management, internationalization, supply chain management, ethics and sustainability Development, product development, omni-channel marketing and brand strategy, retail management, purchase and sales business and financial management courses.