Priority issues

Street, market vendors and hawkers

(a) Right and space to vend,

(b) Facilities- storage, shelter, toilets, water,

(c) Protection against police harassment,

(d) Safety and security,

(e) Taxation

Garment workers, tailors

(a) Living wage,

(b) Right to organise,

(c) Excessive overtime,

(d) Security of employment

Waste pickers and recyclers

(a) Access/right to recyclable waste,

(b) Integration into municipal systems,

(c) Recognition and improved status,

(d) Health and safety

Agricultural, forestry and fish workers

(a) Right to land and land use,

(b) Right to natural resources,

(c) Access to resources and equipment,

(d) Access to markets

Domestic workers

(a) Recognition as workers,

(b) Protection against dismissal, abuse,

(c) Freedom of movement,

(d) Less hours, more rest,

(e) Better living conditions

Transport workers, motorbike taxis

(a) Access to routes and passengers,

(b) Protection against harassment,

(c) Health and safety/accident protection,

(d) Parking and facilities,

(e) Taxation

Women workers

all sectors

(a) Safe and affordable child care,

(b) Income protection during/after childbirth,

(c) Sexual harassment protection,

(d) Equal income for equal value work