Items of the inner concentric circle that represent skills

Team Management—directing the school’s staff (non-job-specific related)

19. To enable a large part of the team to participate in decision-making processes

20. To delegate significant authorities to teachers in important issues

22. To develop the professional ability of the weaker members in the team

23. To provide team members with useful and detailed feedback on their work

18. To motivate the team members to achieve excellence

General Management—running the school as an administrative organization (non-job-specific related)

38. Preparing an annual work plan that includes a compatible budget

6. To prepare work plans for the school for a range beyond the current school year

7. To plan the assignment of manpower, roles, authorities and resources in the school

9. To activate an effective mechanism of control and monitoring of performance of decisions made

8. To carry out plans and decisions made

42. To find the balance between the demands for immediate action and “improvised solutions” and dealing in pre-planned programs

10. To make decisions through a process of systematic consideration

Instructional leadership—managing the school pedagogy (job-specific related)

36. To serve as a source of knowledge in the fields of pedagogy for the teachers

33. To be involved in advancing the preparation of school curricula

35. To use diverse evaluation methods in the school

34. To employ diverse teaching methods in the school

37. To perform professional evaluation of the function of the teacher

School leadership—leading the school as an administrative organization (job-specific related)

52. To raise new and creative ideas for running the school

29. To influence people to change their opinion or actions and act in a way desirable to the leader

48. To set high and challenging goals for yourself

55. To manage the school such that everyone can follow the processes, decisions and appointments

47. To set achievable goals for yourself and to examine whether you met them

44. To act with enthusiasm and to sweep the team after you

40. To persuasively explain and give reasons for your decisions and instructions

External Relations—interrelationships with the school community (job-specific related)

27. To encourage initiatives for collaboration between the school and the community

28. To contribute to the community around the school by active involvement

26. To develop good relations with people in the community and in the local authority, for the benefit of the school

30. To present your demands to different entities and to achieve what is right of the school to receive

31. To handle conflicts related to the relations between the school and its environment and to lead to their satisfactory solution