Items of the outer concentric circle, that represent specific personality traits

Intra-personal human ability

50. To restrain oneself over anger at work

51. To overcome the fear of failure when you are beginning something new

49. To observe yourself, to recognize your weaknesses and treat them in order to improve your function

46. To enable introduction of changes initiated by teachers

57. To communicate well and to the same extent with a minor official and with a powerful senior agent

39. To motivate the teachers to work out of a feeling of spiritual-conceptual commitment and not only by force of rules and regulations

41. To persevere in the performance of a plan over time, even if you do not see immediate results

43. To act in the school in a way that seems correct to you, even if it is not customary and is not absolutely compatible with dictates

Inter-personal human ability

16. To be accessible and available at all times to pupils, teachers and parents

15. To solve conflicts between people by activating all of your authority

12. To be attentive and caring for the personal problems of the members of the team

17. To carefully listen to what the child has to say

13. To listen to distresses, complaints and comments of parents

24. To be friendly to people and at the same time uncompromising in your demands of them

21. To support people and be sensitive towards them, without being regarded as being too lenient at work

Strategic intra-organizational ability

2. To find and understand the common denominator of all the different things that take place at the school

1. To test and examine numerous and different possibilities for action before you begin

3. To identify the needs of the environment (the community) of the school in order to formulate a school vision that is compatible with it

5. To plan your work week so that you will have time for things that are important to you

4. To set clear goals for achievement from the team and from the pupils

25. To comment to a teacher who is not fulfilling his or her role as required

Inter-organizational strategic ability

32. To act for recruitment of funds and contributions for the school from different sources

56. To market the school

53. To disseminate successful ideas that were developed in your school in professional forums

54. To identify innovations that are customary in other schools and to bring in-service training to your school in order to implement them