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Example narratives

Negative psychological change


Maybe when I’d be in the room by myself and turn the lights off, thinking, “OK, let’s sleep,” like, “maybe we’ll do fungoes at practice tomorrow.”


In the past, I really couldn’t throw… especially not to seniors… and third-years… There will be punishment when doing relays… when playing catch relays and passing the ball on… I thought, “I have to throw it properly.” And I was relatively comfortable throwing to guys in my own year… compared to third-years… Then I’d be able to throw without thinking too much.

Excessive awareness

Also while waiting in the defense, I’d be thinking about the next ball. If I’d fail with the first ball, I’d immediately think, like, “Next one, I’ll do like this and this.” I kept thinking like that.

Loss of confidence

After that, I started thinking, like, “Maybe my way of throwing is bad.” I started to think like that after that.

Concern about others’ opinions of you

As expected, when I first joined—I’m from XX Prefecture (birthplace)—, but… there were so few… from the same… I wondered how I should interact with them… I soon lost my ability to throw, so in the beginning… someone in my year asked, “You know how to throw?” So I didn’t talk so much about it in the beginning, right? And I’d be, like, “Yeah.” Kind of embarrassed… I thought maybe they made fun of me behind my back… I’d be thinking like that… Seniors would be laughing too, and I’d be thinking, “They’re all making fun of me.”

Tendency to escape or withdraw

When I lost my ability to throw,… I said this before too, but I did want to quit baseball… I didn’t want to practice… Like, “What’s the point of baseball?” I even thought like that.

Passive coping behavior

Inappropriate play

Also during soft toss batting,… I couldn’t even throw in arches… It slipped, so I’d sometimes hit the batter to the right.

Avoiding or escaping from throwing

Like, I’ll keep it secret that I can’t throw… I’d commit an error on purpose and not throw… That’s right… Get an error… On to the next… Get an error… Pretend to throw and on to the next… and then, just pass the ball to the next person.

Excessively looking up coping methods

I started thinking about it quite a lot and would look up ways to fix it on my phone and look around the Web… Well, I watched videos liked that online and on Youtube as well.

Changing the person you throw to

When playing catch, even before practice started, I’d say to a first-year, “Let’s play catch today,” because if we were uneven (the number of people practicing), then I’d maybe have to play with a senior.