・A loved one worries and has stopped to go out.

・A family caregiver want to go out together.

・My family used to go on trips.

・I hope to go to hot springs.

・My husband and I will live remaining time richly.

・Doing what a loved one wants is the best.

・I do not worry too much.

・Almost troubles is solved when I consult a physician.

・I want my father’s hope to come true.

・Home hospice is his hope and we are relaxed.

・Father hoped for a natural death.

・It is good that a loved one does not suffer.

・I think about my end of life.

・I wrote a “A Will” note.

・I will make many friends and interact with others smoothly.

・We used to go out together.

・I hope to go on a family trip.

・We live remaining time richly.

・I don’t worry too much.

・Home hospice is a loved ones’ hope.

・A love one hopes for natural death

・A family caregiver thinks about their end of life.

・A family caregiver thinks about after a loved one’s death.

12) Hope to go out


13) Enrichment of

left time

14) Helping a loved one’s hope come true

15) Thinking of family caregivers’ own end of life