・I hope that my children will be happy.

・Happiness of my children is my happiness.

・Martial relationships is important.

・My husband is important.

・My family and friends are important.

・My family and brothers have good relationships.

・Relationships with others is important.

・Daily relationships with people is important.

・My mother says that thanks is important.

・I keep in mind to say thanks.

・I try to fulfill my husband’s hope.

・I tried to spend every day calmly.

・I hope that this condition will continue.

・My thinking (idea) is important.

・I get needed information.

・I will rearrange my life.

・I prepare no matter what happened.

・My child’s happiness

・Marital relationship

・My family and brother have good relationship

・Relationships with people

・Feeling thankful for others

・Full filing patient’ hope

・Spending every day calmly

・My thinking or idea

・My rearrangement

1) Family relationship

2) Relationships with people

3) Spending every day

4) My thinking and rearrangement of my life