IPC Class

Most common subclasses (frequency) and description

C12P-7 (144) 89.44%

C12P-7/64 (50) Fats; fatty oils; ester-type waxes; higher fatty acids; oxidized oils or fats.

C12P-7/10 (29) Substrate containing cellulosic material.

C12P-7/00 (18) Preparation of oxygen-containing organic compounds.

C12P-7/14 (10) Multiple stages of fermentation; multiple types of microorganisms or reuse for microorganisms.

C10L-1 (106) 65.83%

C10L-1/02 (39). Components consisting of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

C10L-1/04 (20) Blends of hydrocarbons.

C10L-1/00 (15) Liquid carbonaceous fuels.

C10L-1/18 (11) Compounds containing oxygen.

C10G-1 (79) 49.06%

C10G-1/00 (39) Production of liquid hydrocarbon mixtures

C10G-1/06 (13). Use of destructive hydrogenation.

C10G-1/08 (10) Use of moving catalysts.

C12P-19 (65) 40.37%

C12P-19/14 (17) produced by the action of a carbohydrolase, e.g. by alpha-amylase.

C12P-19/02 (16) Monosaccharides.

C10G-3 (48) 29.81%

C10G-3/00 (38) Production of liquid hydrocarbon mixtures from oxygen-containing organic materials, e.g. fatty oils, fatty acids.