Function of grid storage

Grid central storage (Country)

Distribution grid

storage (City)

Customer end Storage (House hold)

Balancing demand and supply

Seasonal/weekly fluctuations Large geographical unbalances Strong variability of wind and solar (electricity and gas storage need to be integrated)

Daily/hourly variations Peak shaving (electricity and heat/cold storage need to be integrated)

Daily variations (electricity and heat/cold storage need to be integrated)



Voltage and frequency regulation Complement to classic power plants for peak generation Participate in balancing markets Cross-order trading

Voltage and frequency regulation Substitute existing ancillary services (at lower CO2) Participate in balancing markets

Aggregation of small storage systems providing grid services

Energy Efficiency

Better efficiency of the global mix, with time shift of off-peak into peak energy

Demand side management Interactions grid end user

Local production and consumption Behavior change Increase value of PV and local wind Efficient buildings Integration with district heating/cooling and CHP