Physical and sports activities

Content of exemplary teaching exercises

Basketball & handball

・ Creative Moves Warm Up Drills.

・ Warm up fun and games.

・ Individual drills: Development of “jumping ability”, Agility, Coordination, Ball control.

・ Dribbling, passing and shooting drills.

・ Ball Possession Games.

・ Attack and Defend Games in a small group.

・ Small-Sided Transition Games Progressing to Goal in a small group.


・ Dynamic and static Warm up: before running.

・ Reaction Drills and Block Start Drills

・ Basic Drills to Improve Running Form

・ Developing Speed Drills

・ Stretching: After running

Long Jump

・ General and Specific Warm up

・ Drills to improve running technique

・ Drills to Increase Vertical Jump

・ Landing Drill Progression

・ The take-off Drills

・ The Hitch Kick Drills

・ The flight Drills