subject of the investigation speeches


G172: I feel happy with the new direction, which I did not feel before, in the old direction. I feel open to dialogue, respect, care, recognition and appreciation.

Do195: I perceive full openness and clarity in the relationships between colleagues and superiors, with a truly active reception and initiative of welcome and well-being.

Do202: The constant monitoring of the notes, positive return of the difficulties overcome. Suggestions and ideas to improve


F174: Work place with pleasant colleagues and always willing to help, where the dialogue occurs in the various moments adding and sharing values.

Di1: The feeling of welcome is very present in the school, since it tends to promote respect, education and fraternization among all.


Do186: It is no use to coordinate work for the union of the group if there are colleagues encouraging the disunity, manipulating even the students.

Do179: I see a growing demand for teachers’ production, as well as for the excellence of these instruments, but in contrast, there is a shortage of time for these productions during school hours. Including even “rest” moments of the teacher being used as part of the work schedule (e.g. correction of tests and warnings during recess). This certainly makes the school environment unhealthy.

Do198: Not always welcoming from colleagues, possibly due to a sense of competition in the teaching environment.

Do203: I feel that I live well, but I do not feel comfortable to make criticisms and/or placements, just compliments.

F176: Regarding people, I feel that we still have a feeling of “not belonging”, not feel belonging to the group.

Di44: In the old days the school was a more familiar environment, which made relations easier and today I feel little recognized as a student, because people do not strive to maintain a good relationship. The dialogue is done, but it is not interpreted by the

superiors and by many teachers.

Di64: Less class time, we do not have much time for ourselves.

Di152: Sometimes I feel like I do not make too much of being with some colleagues, maybe because I lack respect among some. It “prevents” me from knowing them any more.