subject of the investigation speeches

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Do194: Increase and enhance moments of dialogue with colleagues and managers.

F175: Improve internal communication.

Di43: That the sectors responsible for the students (direction, coordination, etc.) start to listen to them more, respect their ideas and accept criticism.


Do177: That the institution does not always treat us as a group, being able to see the individual potentialities and difficulties of each one.

Do193: Maintenance of a staff that values the institution’s values.

Do195: Praise and recognition.

F175: Personal and salary appraisal.

Di3: Maintain mutual respect. Cherish the acquisition of knowledge. Understand hierarchical relationships as fundamental to teaching and not as abuse of power by teachers and other employees.

Di16: Maintain the curricular components without making any changes before the educators.

Di153: It would promote more opportunities for students who strive more, such as leaving school.



G172: Continue investing in the union and synergy of the group of managers. More moments of fellowship and coexistence.

Do 178: Provide more moments of coexistence and encounter without being directly dealing with work matters.

Di25: More integration between students and coordinations.

Di38: I think respect among people is the most important, in addition to a warm and good environment for study.


Do192: Organization of management, stability possibilities.

Di56: More rigidity with rules of conduct linked to respect for others and less bureaucratic processes in the pedagogical sector.

Di154: Better control students, avoiding conversations and students tinkering with cell phones/listening music in class.


G167: Investments (continue) in personal/emotional formation. Collectivity is built on individuality.

G169: Techniques for dealing with pressure and stress.

G170: Train technicians collaborators technically.

F176: Meetings to experience the Marist philosophy, even in a short time (breaks, lunches).


Di97: To cherish for the quality of teaching and not for the hourly load. Learning is not defined by time but by quality.

Di156: The suggestion that I would give to maintain a climate of well-being in my school would be more creative classes.


Do204: A welcoming space for the staff, with music, comfortable reclining seats. Could have a workout once a week.

Di13: Undo the “prison character” that the school goes through.

Di14: An institution that values so much the environment should not eliminate more and more the green areas present in its



Do202: Continue with sweepstakes, snacks and “treats on festive dates”.

Di4: I would not give any suggestions; it’s fine as it is, I think.