Subject of the investigation speeches

Family Spirit

G172: Family climate.

Do203: Family spirit.

Di2: Feeling of “home”.



F175: Conviviality with colleagues.

Di9: I believe that the most important are interpersonal relationships with colleagues and teachers. What happens inside the classroom is more important, after all we spend most of the time there.

Di146: Affect of employees and teachers.

Physical structure

Do204: Comfortable and clean space.

F176: Adequate space for work and the requirements that arise.

Di1: Adequate infrastructure in the educational institution, which guarantees a better learning by the students.

Di38: Have a good and comfortable environment for study.

Di44: The vegetable garden.

Di127: The environment is clean and clear.

Teaching with quality

Di28: Teachers pass safety and knowledge.

Di149: I like it when we have a “controversy” class and we speak our opinion, I like it when the teachers pass the movie to us.


G171: Recognition of my work.

Do177: Recognition/sensitive look at what I am as a person.

Do178: Feeling important to the institution.

Do205: Appreciation of teachers and decrease amount of work after hours.

F175: Recognition of the work developed.


Do186: The cooperation and assistance of the Pedagogical Coordination.

F174: Work organized, clearly.


G167: Space to build as a team.

Do196: Team unity, harmony among colleagues.


Do180: The confessional-religious aspect.