Discourse of the people researched

Feeling good

F: 173 Feeling good in the environment in which you live and work.

Di3: For me, it means being right with myself and with others, cherishing inner peace without hurting others.


Do181: Balance in the dimensions of our existence.

Do185: Being physically and emotionally well.

Di146: Well-being for me means a peace or relief with the outer and inner world.

Quality of life

Do184: Being physically and mentally well.

Di27: Well-being means being fit (healthy) to fight for what you want/believe.

Di150: Being in good health.


G167: It feels like being with you, with the people with whom we live daily and trusting in a superior being (who does not abandon us).

G168: Being with whom I love.

Di25: Be satisfied with the people around me and myself.


Do189: Feeling fulfilled as a person within choices made and assumed throughout life. Organization and management of time in order to create a healthy dynamic of life.


Di24: The reception of the people who are part of the educational institution.

Psychological state

Do180: Well-being is a psychological state. However, it can receive permanent external stimulus from society and other people.


F175: Productivity (take time positively).