Field notes


الموضوع: التعارف في حفلة عيدالميلاد

Ustazah Nuraini had brought along the cake (الكعك), students sang a birthday party song (سنةحلوةياجميل), birthday party wishes written by teacher while simultaneously spelled by students كلعاموأنتمبالخير.

Task: Make a Birthday Party Card in small group. Teacher then asked the students to rewrite words related to a birthday card

(بطاقةعيدالميلاد) as mentioned on the white board;

?السعيدالميلادعيد-سنةحلوة - بالخيركلعاموأنتم

i) Topic “Greetings during birthday celebration”: based on students’ experience and environment

ii) Cake: based on the real object

iii) Birthday Party Song: based on

a situation closely related to students’ lives

iv) Word selection covers:

i) New words;

بطاقةعيدالميلاد - سنةحلوة - كلعاموأنتمبالخير

ii) Words for general situation like birthday greeting;

بطاقةعيدالميلاد - سنةحلوة - كلعاموأنتمبالخير