Observation in Form One Arif Classroom


Teacher mentions the topic التعارففيعيدالميلاد and asks the students to repeat the phrase. All students repeat the phrase in unison: التعارففيعيدالميلاد

Criteria for vocabulary selection:

i) Based on students’ real lives

ii) New, essential vocabulary related to topic

iii) Related to Malay word:

تعارف (taa’ruf)

Teacher asks a student to read the lined words on a blue paper;

يعلّم - الأم - عائلتي - خيرزميلي-

and asks the rest to pronounce the words displayed and repeat them while she herself says; مرةأخرى.

Vocabulary selection is based on:

i) Frequency and repetition as in the learning text

ii) The ease in explaining its meaning: الأم - عائلتي - زميلي

iii) Abstract words:

يعلّم - خير

The teacher asks the student to point to a chocolate cake and pronounce the Arabic phrase;

ماهذا؟ - هذاالكعك - ماذلك؟ - ذلكالكعك

Word selected is based on:

i) A situation closely related to students’ lives but rarely used; الكعك

Teacher then asks the students to repeat words they have learnt that day without referring to the book. For example words related to a birthday card and suitable expressions for birthday celebration;

بطاقة - عيدالميلادسعيد - بطاقةعيدالميلاد - سنةحلوة - كلعاموأنتمبالخير.

Word selection covers:

i) New words;

بطاقةعيدالميلاد - سنةحلوة - كلعاموأنتمبالخير

ii) Words for general situation like birthday greeting;

عيدالميلادسعيد - سنةحلوة