Example of Teaching and Learning Principles


Active role of learners

Constructivist teachers encourage active, engaged, inquiry ?oriented learning enabled by formal and informal assessment of prior student learning and experience by instruction designed in response to those assessment.


Cultural sensitivity (importance of understanding how learner differences)

Teachers use differences in student social and cultural backgrounds to design instruction that enhance both teaching and learning.


Curricular integration (Strategies to meet individual needs and styles of diverse learners)

Teacher use interdisciplinary curricula to promote student and experience.



Provide learning experiences that develop inter-culturally capable graduates who can make a difference as socially and ethically responsible global citizens.


Critical Reflection and critical review of the learning process and personal experiences of student teachers

Teachers use multiple formal and informal methods to review their teaching and student learning in order to strengthen both.


Connection of teaching and assessment

Candidates know and understand current theory, research and practice that inform the cyclical and interactive process of good teaching (e.g., analysis, preparation, instruction, assessment, and decision making based on assessment results).


Technology Integration

Candidates can demonstrate skills in the use of technology appropriate to the respective discipline.


Content knowledge and Pedagogical Content Knowledge (Alignment with standard)

Candidates identify, understand and use and continue to build knowledge in the disciplinary field(s). Candidates apply this knowledge to teaching within the structure of the standards and seek opportunities to continually learn and improve professional practice.


Collaboration with stakeholders

Candidates identify, understand, and use processes to work and advocate cooperatively and professionally, with students/clients, colleagues, parent and community to move toward mutual goals.


School-based Experience

Continuously improve teaching practice through academic staff professional development, and critical reflection informed by a range of evaluation approaches.


Civic and moral values

Value and recognize individual and cultural diversity through the provision of an inclusive context of support and respect for all students.