Table Column Head



Knows the work and the importance of the author on the national scene.

Witnessed the appearance of the song in the communication media of the period.

Does not know the work and knows the author “by name”. Had not been born when the music became popular.

Experienced, although as a child, the times of the Festivals of Song and is aware of the importance of these in the life of the citizens of the period.

Was not born during the decades of the sixties and seventies; knows the Festivals through books, films, research, etc.

Experienced the lack of time and how it was manifested in the behavior of people during the sixties and seventies.

Did not experience the period.

Experiences the lack of time of today, being able to establish comparisons.

Experiences the lack of time of today, without being able to compare with other forms and contexts.

How does he see the lack of time?

Understands “rushing” as a consequence of this lack of time, making efforts in the sense of learning new technologies allowing for dealing with multiple daily tasks.

Compensates for lack of time by seeking tools able to deal with multiple daily tasks, especially the computer and cell phone, with which he has been familiar since a very young age.