Excitation mode

Characteristics and applicability

Windmill type

・ To collect multi-directions winds

・ More components, complex structure

・ Easily wear parts

・ Large energy loss and low conversion efficiency

・ High starting speed and not suitable for low wind speed environment

・ Narrowly effective wind speed

・ Narrow working band

・ Low working stability

・ Difficult to integrate and miniaturize

Vortex-induced and galloping motion types

・ Moderate parts

・ Unidirectional wind

・ Unsuitable for low wind speed

・ Narrow working band ・Moderate conversion efficiency

・ Easy integration and miniaturization

Resonant cavity type

・ More complicated structure

・ Unidirectional wind

・ Relatively wide working band

・ Low starting wind speed ・Moderate conversion efficiency

・ Difficulty to integrate and miniaturize