Principle No.

invention principle

Found by the classical and new contradiction matrix

Principle description

Project application

Principle 17

Another dimension

・ Transition one-dimensional movement, or placement, of objects into two-dimensional; two-dimensional to three-dimensional, etc.

・ Incline an object, or place it on its side.

・ Utilize the opposite side of a given surface.

・ Project optical lines onto neighboring areas, or onto the reverse side, of an object.

Nowadays, the solar panel is always used to put on the top of the roof and to settle as one single dimension or fix direction. We found out there are some disadvantages for this usage since the sun is rolling and the umbrella can be rotated easily. So, we decide to move the solar from one dimension to three-dimensional space for increasing the efficiency of umbrella.

Principle 14


・ Instead of using rectilinear parts, surfaces, forms or use curvilinear ones; move from flat surfaces to spherical ones; from parts shaped as a cube (parallelepiped) to ball-shaped structures.

・ Go from linear to rotary motion, and use centrifugal pattern.

There are varied shapes of the umbrella, and we want to use the solar panel to create the energy with high efficiency, which means the shape or the tilt angle or the length of the umbrella to find the highest efficiency.

Principle 4


・ Change the shape of an object from symmetrical to asymmetrical.

・ If an object is asymmetrical, increase its degree of asymmetry.

Although, symmetrical is easy to produce and storage, the main purpose we are looking for is to improve the functions and the efficiency of the solar umbrella. We may analyze what kind of the structure is the suitable one, we can think about solar panel amount and the number, length, the angle of umbrella fin.

Principle 3

Local quality

・ Change an object’s structure from uniform to non-uniform, and change an external environment (or external influence) from uniform to non-uniform.

In spite of sitting under the umbrella, most of time it still too hot and too dark to sit outside due to lack of lights and electricity in the evening. So this research will use the advantages and useful quality of each function to improve and enhance the practicability of the solar umbrella.

Principle 35

Parameter changes

・ Change the degree of flexibility.

How to make the energy and functionality of a solar umbrella more efficiency becomes an important factor and objective for this research. Sun is absolutely necessary for solar function. With the variation of sun from east to west for time to time, it makes many parameters of this subject, such as the length of the fin, the angle, the amount of the fin, even the power of the solar panel.