Multimedia SiHLE

AA adolescent girls

An interactive, computer-based intervention addressing HIV/AIDS and STI prevention needs

Prime Time: A Positive Youth Development Program

Sexually active adolescent girls

An 18-month multicomponent program that seeks to reduce sexual risk behaviors, violence involvement, and school disconnection

Poder Latino: A Community AIDS Prevention Program for Inner-City Latino Youth

HIS youth ages 14 - 20

A multifaceted community AIDS prevention program for high-risk inner-city youth

Queens Hospital Center’s Teenage Program

Pregnant adolescents

A clinic-based program providing medical care, psychosocial support, and education to the adolescent, her partner, and her family

Reach for Health: A School-Sponsored Community Youth Service Intervention for Middle School Students

AA, HIS youth grades 5 - 8

A school-sponsored community youth service intervention for middle school students, combining a classroom teaching component with community service work

Reproductive Health Counseling for Young Men

Boys ages 15 - 18

A one-hour, single-session, clinic-based intervention

Rikers Health Advocacy Program (RHAP)

Incarcerated male adolescent drug users 16 - 18

Four one-hour small group sessions focusing on health education issues, particularly HIV/AIDS

Safer Sex Efficacy Workshop

College students

A single three-hour session to increase self-efficacy to prevent HIV/AIDS and other STIs

Safer Sex Intervention

Young women ages 13 - 23 with an STI

An individualized STI intervention program to reduce high-risk sexual behaviors

School-Linked Reproductive Health Services (The Self Center)

Middle and high school students

A program combining education, counseling, and reproductive services

Sexual Health and Adolescent Risk Prevention (SHARP)


An interactive single-session intervention targeting both substance use and sexual risk reduction

SiHLE: Health Workshops for Young Black Women

AA adolescent girls

Health workshops addressing STI/HIV/AIDS prevention needs

Teen Health Project (THP): Community-Level HIV Prevention Intervention for Adolescents in Low Income Housing Development

Adolescents in low income housing

A community-level HIV prevention intervention

Youth AIDS Prevention Project (YAPP)

AA youth grades 5 - 8

STDs, HIV/AIDS, and substance abuse prevention among high-risk students

Youth and AIDS Project’s HIV Prevention Program

GB males ages 13 - 21

Provides education, peer support, counseling, and case management to males at high risk for HIV/AIDS

HIV EBPs for US Adults

AIDS Prevention and Health Promotion among Women

Women ages 16 - 29

A four-session group program on developing and following a sound sexual health plan

Brother to Brother

AA, GB men

A three-session behavioral intervention aimed at reducing HIV infection

Doing Something Different

Adults in their mid-20s to early 30s

A single session intervention to promote condom use in health clinics

Focus on the Future

AA men living with STI/HIV

A safer sex intervention for recently diagnosed individuals

Holistic Health Recovery Program for Injection Drug Users (HHRP)

HIV-negative adult injection drug users

A 12-session group therapy intervention for HIV prevention through behavioral change

Holistic Health Recovery Program for Injection Drug Users Living with HIV (HHRP+)

HIV-positive adult injection drug users

A 12-session group therapy intervention for harm reduction and health promotion