Subject area


More specific subject area

Developmental biology

Type of data

Figure, Table

How data was acquired

Affymetrix® mouse gene 1.0 ST array card and Affymetrix® Expression console.

Data format

CARMAweb based Limma t-test and Benjamini Hochberg multiple testing corrections.

Experimental factors

Comparison of the mouse endodermal and non-endodermal pancreatic compartment during the secondary transition between E12.5 and E15.5. Bioinformatic analysis identified differentially regulated genes and additionally offered the narration of Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) annotated diabetes-related genes.

Experimental features

Fluorescent-activated cell sorting (FACs) and RNA extraction of Foxa2VenusFusion (FVF)+ endodermal and FVF− non-endodermal cells. Conversion to cDNA and Hybridization to the Affymetrix®array.

Data source location

Garching 85748, Germany, Am Parkring 11, Institute of Diabetes Research (IDR)

Data accessibility

Data available at the Gene Expression Omnibus, GSE66856.