Class name


(COM) Object

An abstracted and generalized object of our concern.

(CON) Provider

A business provider to supply the specified Object.

(CON) MeasuredObject

A specialized object to be measured by the sensor(s).

(CON) SettingCondition

A specified description as installing and setting conditions when setting the specified MeasuredObject physically. This is a subclass of (COM) ManagedElement.

(CON) Sensor

An abstracted and generalized sensor as the Object.

(CON) Assignment

A specified relationship derived from composition of the MeasuredObject with the Sensor.

(COM) Location

An identification of the specified spatial location.

(CON) Deployment

A specified relationship derived from deployment of the Sensor into the specified Location.

(CON) Product

A specialized MeasuredObject which the Provider supplies as the product in the final state.

(CON) Component

A component as the specialized MeasuredObject, and by 1 to multiple the product consists of.

(CON) SensorSystem

A sensor system consisting of the specified Sensor(s).

(CON) SensorDevice

A component recognized as the Sensor.