Polymer blends of natural and/or synthetic polymers

Drug delivery


Supramolecular hydrogels

Drug delivery


Chitosan and Polyethylenimin

Tissue engineering


Natural polymers (collagene, hyaluronic acid alginate, chitosan) and synthetic polymers (PEO, PEG and corresponding block copolymers with poly (lactic acid)

Tissue engineering


Methacrylate/acrylic acid (AA) copolymers

Inverse opal pH sensors


Poly(acrylic acid)/poly(vinyl alcohol)

Piezoresistive pH sensors


GM3 material (terpolymer, based on high-purity glycerol methacrylate) from Contamac, UK (49.3% Water content)

contact lenses


Nanofilm-encapsulated silicone-hydrogel

contact lenses


Ni2+-poly (2-acetamidoacrylic acid) hydrogel

Purification of histidine-tagged green fluorescence proteins