Policy Orientation

Policy Approach

Typical Policy

Regulation Details

Industry Planning

Administrative Order

Renewable energy development in middle and long-term

National wind-power total installed capacity reach to 5,000,000 kilowatt in 2010

Financial Subsidy

The state council opinion to promote photovoltaic healthy development

Encourage local government in all levels to make matching financial subsidy policy base on national standard

Taxation Relief

National planning to develop forestry biomass energy

Molding fuels enjoys the policy of added-value 100% levied immediately return

Project Demonstration

Energy-saving and new energy vehicles industry develop-plan

Pratically promote new energy vehicles pilot demonstration

Project Management

Administrative Order

Interim scheme of wind farm project early work

Wind farm project early-work implement combined model of administrative hierarchical management and centralized technical management

Market Promotion

Administrative Order

Implement scheme of government agency or public institution to purchase new energy vehicles

New energy vehicles promote application city’s government agency or public institution have equipment proportion no less than 30 percents of total in same year

Financial Subsidy

Notice on conduct work of energy-saving or new energy vehicle demonstration promotion pilots

Subsidy for new energy vehicles meeting the requirement

Taxation or Cost Relief

Notice on exempting new energy vehicle purchase-tax

Exempting new energy vehicle purchase-tax during the policy-time

Project demonstration

Notice on undertaking private purchase new energy vehicle subsidy pilot

Implement-scheme to choose 5 cities drawing up private purchase new energy vehicle subsidy pilot

Enterprise Support

Financial Support

Opinion on supporting distributed photovoltaic power financial service

Elaborating develop financial institution guidance effect creation on financial service of China Develop Bank

Financial Subsidy

Issued scheme on distributed photovoltaic power project subsidy of Finance Ministry

Country gives subsidy to distributed photovoltaic power project according to electricity quantity

Taxation Relief

Notice on photovoltaic power added-value tax policy

Conduct 50% added-value tax levied immediately returned for tax payer sell of self-manufacture electricity products using solar energy

Law Guidance

Law Approaches




Administrative Order

Notice on related issue to adjust renewable energy electricity price added-standard and environment-protect price

Added standard positioning 1.5 cents per hour each kilowatt impose to other renewable energy electricity use except resident life or agricultural production