Sectoral energy use: primary energy use by industry (in PJ)

Energy productivity: GDP to primary energy use ratio (index)

Share of renewable energy in total energy use (in%)

Share of renewable energy in electricity consumption (in%)

CO2 productivity: ratio of GDP to energy-induced CO2 emissions (index)

Waste treatment: shares of main waste streams (in%)

Recycling: share of material utilization in total waste (in%)

Utilization of harmful substances: share of harmful substances treated (in%)

Material productivity: ratio of GDP to domestic material consumption (DMC, non-energetic) (index)

Water productivity: water intensity by industry (in m3/1000 euros of gross value added)

Transport volume (passengers) (in passenger-kilometers)

Transport volume (freight) (in tonne-kilometers)

Modal split in passenger transport: breakdown of passenger transport volume by mode of transport based on passenger-kilometers (in%)

Modal split in freight transportation: breakdown of freight transport volume by mode of transportation based on tonne-kilometers (in%)

Organic farming: share of agricultural land farmed organically (in%)

Share of integrated environmental protection in total environmental protection investment (in%)

Diffusion of “green” management systems in companies: number of companies certified under EMAS and ISO 14,001