Different ways of classifying C & D waste

Type of classification


Spivey 1974

By source/origin

1. Demolition waste (like concrete, brick, wallboard, plaster)

2. Packaging materials (like paper, cardboard, plastic)

3. Wood

4. Waste concrete and asphalt

5. Garbage and sanitary waste

6. Scrap metal

7. Rubber, and glass

8. Pesticides and non-pesticide containers.

Symonds group Ltd. (1999)

General types of waste

1. New construction.

2. Renovation

3. Demolition

Papadopoulos et al. (2003)

By source/origin

1. Waste from excavation.

2. Waste from road planning and maintenance materials

3. Waste from demolition materials

4. Worksite waste materials

Skoyle (1976 a, b)

Direct and indirect waste

1. Direct waste: complete loss of a material (inevitable waste involving the necessary replacement of a material)

2. Indirect waste: loss of materials value, to the contractor. These are further subdivided into substitution waste, production waste and negligence waste