Random errors

Systemic errors

Step by step addition of reagents via pipetting could be inaccurate

Pipette error

Reagents are prepared beforehand which might change the composition of the reagents

Spectrophotometry reading error

Incomplete dissolution of amylase, pepsin and trypsin reagent powder

Inadequate cleaning of cuvette

Time interval might give inaccuracy for the absorbance readings

Error in reading in the electronic balance

Precautionary methods

The reagent that initiates the reaction can be prepared in small amounts just before starting the assay. This can minimize the errors caused as all the reagents are of the same composition

According to literature, enzyme solutions must be concentrated but completely dissolved. Enzymes can very often go degraded due to environmental stress such as oxidation and activity of proteases. It is therefore essential that enzymes are not kept exposed to the environment for an extended period of time. Should also prepared by maintaining all other components such as pH temperature constant.

pH should be monitored continuously while preparing buffers.

Proper pipetting should be practiced beforehand