Cronbach’s α

Work procedures

and routine

Work routines

Using Facebook is a standardized tool of news production.


Facebook is very useful in an emergent situation.

Facebook challenges my original news values.

My colleagues all use Facebook.

I always use Facebook to post my reports.

I always use Facebook to share other’s reports.

Facebook has changed the way I used to do my drafts.

Facebook has changed my interview arrangement model.

Using Facebook allows me to master the most instant messages.

I always use Facebook to contact news sources.

Media strategy rationale

Strategy rationale

Using social media, like Facebook, facilitates the audiences’ dependence on the media.


The news media where I work uses social media like Fans pages to interact with audiences.

Internet use creates new journalism jobs.

Using social media can enlarge the influence of news.

Through social media, I can report the news that traditional media cannot report.

Public participation

Features of audience participation

Social media give audiences the chance to participate in news production.


Audience participation through social media can improve news quality.

Social media can enlarge the public participation of audiences.

Internet use empowers audiences in the process of receiving news.

I can access the audience’s opinions on public issues through social media.

Journalist role concept

Journalistic role conception

My role is to supervise the government.


I stay objective in my reporting.

My job is to provide the information for audiences’ political decision making.

My job is to provide the information required for daily life, advice, and guidelines to audiences.

My report can entertain audiences.

Journalistic products/outputs

Journalistic products

I always use Facebook to search for news sources.


I use Facebook for new ideas and creativity in my job.

Using Facebook has become a daily channel for receiving information.

I use Facebook to contact my colleagues.

I use Facebook to access instant messages.

Audience interaction

Audience images

Facebook improves the scarcity of traditional news reporting.


Using Facebook makes me more aware of audience-centered values.

I use my social media site to interact with audience members.

I use social media to access audience members’ evaluations of news reports.

I use social media sites to learn what audience members care about.