Emission of the sounds

Frequency of the sounds


Continuous sound emission like singing, emitted alone or in group

Medium-high frequencies of sounds singing rich in various intonations in extreme “legato”


Continuous sound emission

High frequencies of sounds, with numerous intervals of descendant minor thirds


Continuous sound emission, similar to a cried singing

Medium-low frequencies of sounds, with numerous descendant intervals of a perfect musical fifth, in extreme “legato” and with the transitional attack release of the low sound that is very short. The first sound is longer than the last one, reached with a glissando


Continuous sound emission due to a short initial veil vibration, followed by that of false vocal folds

Very low frequencies


Continuous or discrete emission of short sounds

Various numbers of frequencies, emitted in significant tonal and rhythmical sequences


a) long inspiration without vocal sounds

b) long inspiration followed by a long exhalation with vocal sounds on the same opening of the yawning

a) no vocal sound

b) ascendant and descendant intervals of open vowels


Long inhalation and exhalation without vocal sounds



Continuous sound emission

High frequencies of sounds