Change Management Options (CMO)

Strategic initiatives designed to change or influence consumer behaviour to reduce or shift electricity demand especially during peak periods

Off-Peak Tariffs and Managed Supply

Off-peak tariffs & managed supply; Where appliances are hard wired to off-peak or other methods including through smart of managed supply

Capital Spend


Understanding that there is a need to spend capital to save energy; Provide customers with ease of access to household power management for products or initiatives such as Solar PVs, Household modernisation including insulation, efficient pool pumps, alternative hot water of solar or gas

Time of Use Tariffs

Pricing structures tailored for consumers that are the most economical for them generally and also the most effective at dampening electricity demand during peak times or inducing load-shifting electricity demand away from peak times. For example, retirees could benefit from a suitably structured time of use tariff because they are able to undertake energy consumption activity away from peak times