Case-2: Sample from Chinese teacher’s class

T: jishenmeyisi a? how many/ how much, right

S: how many

T: hai you second meaning

S: which

T: which, right.

T: third meaning?

S: several

T: how many, how much, right, jig e ren? Jigeren? Which zenmeshuo a?

T: jihao, jihao, jintianjihao?

S: jihao? which?

T: jintianjihao? Right? Jintian 28 hao, right, today 28, date , right

S: yes

T: xing qi, what’s the meaning?

S: week

T: week, right? So, I say one week, how to say?

S: yixing qi/yigexing qi

T: a, dui, yigexing qi, yigexing qi, right? Yi gexing qi, one week

S: yigexing qi

T: ok, so, Monday, how to say?

S: xing qi yi

T: xing qi yi, ok, Tuesday?

S: xing qi er

T: xing qi er, ok, Wednesday?

S: xing qi san