Primary indicators

Secondary indicators

Tertiary indicators

Government support capacity


Financial input (GS1)

Investment in infrastructure construction

Investment in green technology research and development

Energy saving and environmental protection input

Financial subsidy (GS2)

Environmental protection subsidies

Scientific and technological research and development subsidy

Energy subsidies

Perfection of laws and regulations


Preferential tax policy

Punishment policy

Pollutant discharge standard policy

Executive power of government supervision (GS4)




Green propaganda service (GS5)

Publicity activity frequency

Construction of propaganda service platform

Enterprise green ability (EG)

High level leaders’ cultural level and green consciousness (EG1)

The number of graduate students and above

Green cognition and attention degree

Staff green knowledge learning ability (EG2)

Mastering the richness of green knowledge

Learning the speed of green knowledge

Practice of green management in Enterprises (EG3)

Taking green supply chain management

Taking clean, environmental production related certification

Energy saving and emission reduction reconstruction project

Green technology progress and innovation ability (EG4)

Quantity of green products

License number of green technology patent

Investment in green technology research and development

The number of green technology talents

NGO supervision guidance (NS)

Cooperation with government and enterprises (NS1)

Cooperation frequency

Scope of cooperation

Supervision of the implementation of the green activities of the government and enterprises (NS2)

Supervision activity

Validity of supervisory activities

Provide guidance, training and financial support for enterprise green management activities (NS3)

Guide training

Financial support

Public participation capacity (PP)

Consumer’s green consumption behavior (PP1)

Consumer demand for green consumption

Consumers’ perception of green value

Consumers’ ability to pay green payment