COVID-19 insights

(up to June 30, 2020)

Highlighted contributions

United States of America

Total confirmed cases: 2,537,636

Total deaths: 126,203

TC: Community transmission

· Providing basic hygiene, health and pharmaceutical needs from pharmacy (last community-resort), and effectively tackling the life-saving drug-shortage events

· Testing COVID-19 in community pharmacies

· Giving point-of-care testing services and treatments for common cold, flu and allergy-related symptoms

· In many States, they are suggesting tests for diseases and giving treatments to patients with chronic diseases

United Kingdom

Total confirmed cases: 311,969

Total deaths: 43,575

TC: Community transmission

· Providing basic pharmacy and health supports to community peoples, and ensuring a smooth essential drug-supply during this period of unprecedented medicinal demand

· Giving rapid COVID-19 testing service from community pharmacies

· Supporting the community health by giving medical advices to patients and by effective patient counseling


Total confirmed cases: 248,970

Total deaths: 28,346

TC: Pending

· Providing all-sort of pharmaceutical care to community people under the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE)

New Zealand

Total confirmed cases: 1178

Total deaths: 22

TC: Clusters of cases

· Providing one-stop pharmacy service including home delivery service from the community pharmacies to avoid public gathering

· Disseminating information to community people regarding hand-hygiene, personal protection and community transmission of COVID-19


Total confirmed cases: 240,436

Total deaths: 34,744

TC: Community transmission

· Serving community people without hampering the smooth supply of essential medicines

· Ensuring pharmaceutical care at every door by developing “home delivery service” which is resisting people to come out under lockdown


Total confirmed cases: 156,930

Total deaths: 29,730

TC: Community transmission

· Beside ensuring the smooth supply of essential medicines, they are increasing awareness among the people regarding social distance

· Effectively tackling the crisis moment of basic hygiene, pharmaceuticals and protective equipments


Total confirmed cases: 85,227

Total deaths: 4,648

TC: Clusters of cases

· Being a pharmaceutical care provider, they have established the community pharmacies as a point-of-all medicinal resources, and ensuring patients’ medication safety

· Ensuring adequate national stock of essential medicines

· Organizing remote pharmacy services to prevent community transmission of COVID-19


Total confirmed cases: 103,250

Total deaths: 8,522

TC: Community transmission

· Ensuring a smooth supply of essential medicine throughout the country

· Testing COVID-19 on priority basis

· Working as a frontline care provider and increasing awareness on COVID-19 among the community people

· In Quebec State, they are extending prescriptions and prescribing certain medications along with doctors for limiting public movements at this pandemic situation


Total confirmed cases: 7,767

Total deaths: 104

TC: Clusters of cases

· Playing a pivotal role in the awareness building programs on COVID-19 among the community people

· Preparing and dispensing large-volume alcohol-based hand sanitizer

· Providing all kind of COVID-19 related information from the community pharmacies as an “central information center”