Tracking method


Bouchard et al. [5]

Activity of Daily Living

Human activity recognition

Passive RFID

Real-timelocalisation and

activity detection

Neuhaeuser et al. [42]

Activity of Daily living

Object of daily living interaction

Passive RFID

Optimise ADL recognition Wearable RFID reader

Hoque et al. [43]

Movement recognition

Detect body direction while sleeping

WISP RFID/ accelerometers

Affordable and

detect wider range of ADL

Zhou & Ranasinghe [44]

Patient tracking

monitor elders wandering off in nursing homes

Passive RFID

Use inexpensive tags

Qu, Simpson, & Stanfield [45]

Medical equipment tracking

Track Medical equipment in Hospital

Passive RFID

Increase the nursing staff productivity and increase equipment utilization

Parlak et al. [46]

Activity recognition

Human activity recognition in trauma resuscitation

Passive RFID

Recognizing high-level human activities during trauma resuscitation

Alsinglawi et al. [2]

Indoor localisation

Tracking in Smart homes Healthcare

Passive RFID

Tracking elderly for wellbeing