Aging in Place [22]

Impaired Elders

Early illness detection

CASAS [23]

Residents Daily activities

Home automation and pattern discovery

MavHome [24]

Home Inhabitant

Rational agent, inhabitant action prediction

TREVA [25]

Subject (elderly) smart environment

Wellness status monitoring system


People with dementia

Assistive technology for dementia patients

Smart House [27]

Older people

Lifestyle monitoring, detection of panic alarms

Ubiquitous Home [28]

Living family members

Home context-aware service, real life data collecting

Intelligent Sweet Home [29]

Home inhabitant

Intelligent, interaction and interface system (hand gesture recognition)

Welfare Techno Houses [30]

Human behaviour

Monitoring human behaviour in daily life


Aging people with chronic health conditions

Manage people/elders care and well-being at home environment