Country/ Sector


Mitigation Measure

Capacity to Adopt

Relevance to Oman (If Yes)





・ Improvement of fuel energy efficiency for light vehicles

・ Use of alternate fuels (compressed natural gas)

・ Introduction of travel management demand management system (smart growth land use planning, advance management traffic system)

Reduction in petrol and diesel demand

Reduction in PM10 emissions

Will reduce traffic congestion and road accidents



・ Improvement of vehicle maintenance and turning of vehicle

・ Use of compressed natural gas

・ Re-introduction of electrified rail way in inter-city and intra-city transport

・ Intensifying the use of environmentally sound river transport system

・ Extending metro line transport to newly developed cities

Reduction in SO2 and NOx emissions

Reduction in SO2 and NOx emissions

Will reduce fuel consumption and decrease fuel congestion



・ Improve fuel energy efficiency of vehicles

・ Tax and duty exemptions of newly imported taxis

・ Introduction of double-deck buses in municipalities. Improvement of traffic management system

・ Tax exemptions on hybrid cars and incentives for their use

Will reduce emissions and long distance journeys

United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change


・ More fuel efficient vehicles

・ Hybrid vehicles

・ Cleaner diesel vehicles and usage of biofuels

・ Model shift of road transport to railway

・ Public transport system

・ Non-motorized transport (walking and cycling)

・ Land-use and transport planning

・ Tax on vehicle purchase and duty exemptions

Reduction in SO2 and NOx emissions

Reduction in PM10 emissions

Reductions in SO2 and NOx emissions

Will reduce road traffic accidents in Oman

Reduction in number of private car users

Reduction in money used in other forms of transportation

Lowers traffic congestions and road accidents

Will increase taxi users, increasing vehicle occupancy rates