Leadership characteristics


a. The leader is genuine and truly devoted to the organization’s goals/cause


b. The leader has a comprehensive knowledge about the organization and its functions (s/he is well informed and understands trends and new technologies appropriate to the field)


c. The leader has rich leadership experience


d. The leader has rich job experience relevant to the organization


e. The leader understands well the overall environment (political, social, economic) and the community in which the organization operates


f. The leader often exhibits good judgment in the timing and appropriateness of critical decisions /actions needed


g. The leader is skillful in working with people (all stakeholders)


h. The leader is visionary


i. The leader is persistent/tenacious even at tough times


j. The leader does not usually seek spotlight rather acknowledges team efforts. S/he prefers to serve than to be served


k. Under his/her leadership the organization has been consistently meeting the goals set


l. The leader is willing to learn or to change when situations demand


m. The leader practices what he/she preaches and is a good role model


n. The leader motivates and cultivates others to grow as leaders


o. The Leader Meets Ethical expectation required by the position/job


p. The leader usually brings unique and productive insight in discussions and problem solving strategies