Kwara State: Specific communities-Kpata Gbaradogi, Gunji-Sacci, Gbafun, Gakpan, Vuma, Esungi, Mawogi.

Submerging of farmlands, destruction of rice and maize farms, forced migration. Destruction of houses, animals, boats and nets

October 2012

Displacement of persons, panic and migration, threat to food security.



Farmers and Fishermen

Delta State:

Specific communities: Oko-Anala, Oko-Ogbele, Oko-Amakon, Ogheye Gbekebor, Ogodobiri, Abigbrodo, Abari, Asabease, Uzere, Patani.

Loss of lives and property, incidence of deadly diseases, submerging of schools, residential houses and commercial shops and farms; contamination of water; Displacement of persons.

October 2012

Panic, hunger,

Amaize (2012)

Amaize and Omafuame


Farmers and children

Kogi State: Specific communities-Ibagi

Loss of lives

October 2012

Death in camps, suicide and rumors of suicide, frustrations in the communities, displacements, fear of epidemic, emergence of killer reptiles.

Obahopo (2012)

Ibirogba (2012)

Children and women.

Rivers State: specific communities-Joinkrama, Ikodo, Igwechi, Ongo, Enito, Okobe

Destruction of farms, forced harvests, displacements, postponement of burials, submerging of houses

October- November 2012

Fleeing for safety

Onoyume (2012)

Farmers and disabled persons

Imo State: Specific communities-Egbema, Oguta, Uzoubi Orlu.

Loss of houses, contamination of clean water, submerging of farms and devastation of crops/livestock

October- November 2012

Panic, bitter confrontations on sharing of relief and rescue projects.

Okpalaeke (2012)

Ogun State: Specific communities-Warewa

Submerging of houses and schools and roads, loss of cattle, destruction of shops.

October 2012

Homelessness, threat to income.

Falola, Adetayo,

Utebo and Nwogu (2010)

Jigawa State: Specific communities (not mentioned) but 18 LGAs affected.

Destruction of farmlands, houses, public buildings.

September 2012

Homelessness, fleeing to other communities

Atta (2012)

Widows, Orphaned children.

Oyo State: Specific communities-Onipepeye, Odo-ona elewe, Odo ona Apata, Nihort, Ijokodo, Sango, Apete, Ajibode, Orogun, Agbowo

Loss of Lives and properties, mass displacement of persons

October 2012

Fear, death, severed communities

Ajayi (2012)